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Primary Health Care Centre in Podgorica is the only Public Institute of primary health care on the area of Podgorica’s district, Montenegro, which has about 200.000 citizens.

All citizens of Montenegro capitol with 30.000 contemporary inhabitants (students, pupils, contemporary employees, unpeopled), which means 200.000 people; use all the services from realm of primary health care centre in our institution.

Primary Health Care Centre team counts hundreds specialists and others employs that make possible that our mission of primary health care of 200.000 clients, to be, in every moment, in every place, efficient and accessible.

Our work process and our responsibility are 24 hour and 365 days in year.

All employs, from those whose kindness you meet at entrance to those who escort you with a warm word, taken medicine, vaccine, diagnostic findling, advice, and what the most important for us is your better health and saved health and all those things that make this centre Home of Your health.

Welcome to web presentation of Primary Health Care Centre in Podgorica.

Big area of Podgorica’s district, especially great area of country, rural and unapproachable places has cut to pieces our institution and caused the big range of responsibility and plan of working of ambulances.

Our institution works at 42 locations in Podgorica, and four of them are in downtown:

  • Blok V
  • Nova Varos
  • Stara Varos
  • Konik

Two bigger ambulances in two settlements

  • Golubovci
  • Tuzi

Ambulances in suborns:
Masline, Zagoric, Donja Gorica, Zabjelo and Tolosi.

Others locations are a network of rural ambulances that is a part of borough.

Primary health care centre is organized by new model of Primary health care through institution of chosen physician with duties that outcome from this new way of work and organization of work.

The basic way of work of our institution implement through these services:

  • Chosen physician for adults
  • Chosen pediatricians
  • Chosen accoucheur
  • Chosen dentist

Chosen physicians activities get support through Centers for prevention and diagnostic which supports the activity of chosen physicians, and they is:

Centre for diagnostic

  • laboratory diagnostic
  • radiology diagnostic:
  • rtg diagnostic
  • US diagnostic

Centre for children with specific needs

Centre for lung diseases and THC

Centre for mental health

Centre for education

Centre for prevention:

population consultancy

consultancy for young

s consultancy for reproductive health

service for home treatment

hygienic and epidemic service

Centre for specific health care

Industrial medicine

Sport medicine