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Physical Therapy Unit

In Physical Therapy Unit of the Primary health care center Podgorica works one physiatrist – a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, seven physical therapist and one nurse.

Physiatrist performs specialist examination and determines the type of physical therapy in relation to the medical condition of the patient.

The procedures and methods used in our institution are:

manual massage
manual lymph drainage therapy
the ultrasound therapy
individuality medical exercise
exercises with adds
exercise by Bobath concept
breathing exercises and drainage of the airways
corrective exercise of spinal deformity and feet
education for parents of children with deformities of the spine and feet

Diseases and conditions that are being treated in our unit:

various painful conditions, cervical, lumbar syndrome, arthritis polyarthralgia, knee OA, degenerative arthritis, nerve lesions, hemiparesis, scoliosis, foot deformities, contusions, distortions, fracture, distension…

Head of unit :
Dr Dragana Radunovic, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatrist)

Chief therapist:
Violeta Rudanović, senior physical therapist

Physical Therapy Unit

Working hours: first shift from 07h to 14h; second shift from 14h to 21h
Contact phone: Call Center 19816, +382 20 481-991
Address: Health Facility Stara Varos, Bracana Bracanovića bb