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Legal Affairs Staff

The Legal Affairs Staff of Primary health care center Podgorica follow regulations related to the operations of the health, as health care Institutions of the primary level, follow the legal regulations and professional literature in the field of labour legislation, specific branches and areas of law, provides legal opinions, interpretations, and instructions for implementation and enforcement of legislation, provides legal advice and legal assistance organs of governance and management, develop plans , proposals and final acts, General and individual contracts, information, and attitudes necessary for working and business Institutions, provides expert opinions and advice when concluding a contract, collecting and cataloging rules, attitudes and information decision making ograna z competent, preparing materials for decision-making organs of governance and management Institutions, runs the register, records, preserves materials, decisions, conclusions, keeps records of persons and bodies which are subject to re-election and monitor deadlines for election and re-election, prepare the documentation and participate in the proceedings of the Disciplinary and material responsibility, suspension and procedures for compensation, prepares criminal and misdemeanor and other applications, participate in proceedings concerning criminal, misdemeanor and other applications, economic offenses in the administrative proceedings or in the process of regular jurisdiction, represents the Institution before the regular courts, Economic, Appellate, the Constitutional Court, Administrative Court and other bodies, draw up and submit lawsuits, responses to lawsuits, appeals, petitions and objections in judicial and administrative proceedings, collects documentation, prepares and submits an application to the competent judicial, administrative and other authorities, the purpose of entry , registration changes, the legal entity-Facilities management bodies, the judicial and administrative register, monitor and study regulations and professional literature, keeps track of the state of personnel, qualification structure and distribution of employees by organizational units, keep records of jobs and provides monthly, periodical and annual data, keep a register of employees, as well as personnel files, to issue Certificates, Certificates and other documents with respect to the evidence in the field of labor, develops solutions , employment contracts, prepares reports, records and lists of employees, prepares Applications and other forms prescribed in relation to the advertising needs of the employment relationship, collaborates with employment agencies and leads to the same correspondence, in relation to employment, cooperate with the competent authorities of the Foundation in connection with the election of a candidate, the movement of the service, the exercise of certain rights and obligations of labor in relation to work, makes decisions, rulings and agreements on work , on employment, termination of employment-termination process with the necessary, provides various information, personal contact, telephone and e-mail related to personnel records, personnel filled in questionnaires and forms and register employees for taking the obligatory expert examination, preparation, keeps the documentation and provides assistance to employees in relation to professional advancement, training, retraining and for retirement, keep prescribed forms for employees, organizational units and the Institution as a whole, monitors and studies the legal regulations and technical literature related to the work and operations of the Foundation, collecting documents, maintains records, compiles reports concerning a request for allocation of an apartment or a loan, purchase or construction of housing , absence from work, sick leave, use of vacation and what makes the appropriate act, collects, sorts, complete and ensures the preservation of all documentation for general affairs, maintain records of occupational injuries and perform their analysis, keep records on claims incurred, keep records of the investment activities of construction of buildings, their adaptation and reconstruction, as well as perform other tasks in framework of qualifications foreseen for officers Legal Affairs Staff by order of the director of Primary health care center Podgorica.