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Economic and Financial Affairs

Organizes and manages the accounting of the Primary health care center Podgorica, takes care of timely submission of periodic accounts, final accounts and other statements that are delivering periodical accounts, final accounts and other reports submitted to management bodies, takes care of the finances, monitors, studies and applies the rules which are mandatory, giving the countersign orders for the payment of all your accounts, keep an eye on deadlines for submission of the diary of the book and other documentation for accounting and the same, based on the needs of takes necessary measures in consultation with the Director, supervises the book archives, cooperates in organizational terms with the director, leads the general ledger of the Health and posts complete financial documentation and coordinate expressed the situation in financial accounting with the situation in analítica for periodic accounts and accounts in accordance with the amendments to the chart of accounts opened, records and concludes ledger cards, posts for customers and vendors, takes care of the collection account, send run open items, concerned about keeping and disposal documentation, work and other activities from the scope of accounting, calculate pay workers, contributions and other obligations to pay accrued charges for workers and outsiders on the basis of temporary service, issuing certificates of salaries and other incomes, posts salaries and deductions for all types of loans, keep records of data on established pay and insurance experience, receives, checks and take out travel accounts, cash register, blocks of cash collection, payroll, runs the book blocks of cash collection and book travel orders, raises and paid the deposit, receives and pays cash, calculates and pays fees to the regulations and decisions, takes care of the payment of accounts payable and Bank controls performed, work and other activities from the scope of accounting, corresponds directly to the Chief of the unit, post fixed assets and small inventory, prepare an inventory list of fixed assets, small inventory and materials, provides asset health, reporting damage and resulting breakdowns, isknjižava has been disposed of, confiscated and sold to O.r. and performs a write-down of small inventory in accordance with the regulations, post Analytics complete materials by type, and amount of material posts a requisition, calculates and shows the differences in accounting and the delivery note condition, prepare, complete and processes invoices services provide insurers Fund Herceg Novi and other funds in Montenegro, resolves the disputed invoices, concerned about keeping and disposal accounting documentation, work and other activities from the scope of accounting.