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Chosen doctors for woman

Employees in the organization unit Chosen doctor for women Primary health care center Podgorica has for many years conducted the following activities:

  1. Early detection ie. prevention of all types of cancer, both in terms of detection of premalignant lesions and general education in terms of keeping the general health status of women. This applies especially in the cervix, ovaries and endometrium;
  2. PA-PA report, colposcopia, HPV typing, treatment of infections, raising the immune system and giving advice;
  3. Through the daily work of all gynecologists work counseling for infertility, pregnancy, contraception, reproductive health, parenting schools and schools of pregnant women.

Gynecological teams of the Health Center Podgorica perform regular checks of pregnant women, including the high-risk pregnancy, a routine running and ultrasound examinations, so that only in exceptional cases, patients are referred to the secondary and tertiary level.

Working hours: first shift 07h -14h, second shift 14h-21h
Contact phone: Call center 19816

Head of the Organizational Unit
dr Milovan Jovanović, spec.gynecologist

Head nurse
Milanka Markovic, nurse