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Chosen doctors for children

Organizational unit of the Primary Health Care Center Podgorica Chosen doctors for children – pediatricians comprises of 26 pediatric teams divided into 8 health facilities, 6 of them are in the very center of the city – Nova Varos, Stara Varos, Blok 5, Stari Aerodrom, Zagoric, Konik, and 2 facilities are in city’s districts – Tuzi and Golubovci.

Children up to age 15 are registered at chosen doctor for children – pediatrician. One pediatrician can have up to 2000 registered children, and so far there are more than 44 000 children of this age registered at pediatricians in the Primary Health Care Center Podgorica.

Organizational Unit of Chosen doctors for children – pediatricians works in two shifts, first shift – from 07:00h to 14:00h and second shift from 14:00h to 21:00h. Shifts are changed weekly. In the period from 21:00h to 07:00 h, children in emergency situation can request for help in the Institute for the emergency health care for children, where every night, during this period, pediatricians from the Primary Health Care Center Podgorica are on duty.

In daily work of chosen doctors for children preventive medical examinations are performed, including vaccination and curative examinations.

Preventive medical examinations of children are regularly scheduled at each pediatric team, in the period of time determined by the pediatrician, and sick children can have medical examinations done for the rest of the working day.

However, children who require urgent examination are received immediately. Triage of patients, depending on their state, is performed by pediatrician and a nurse.

Due to good work organization, despite the everyday large number of patients, preventive examinations of chosen doctors for children are at highly satisfactory level and we tend ill children not to wait too long for the examination.

Pediatric teams attend seminars, congresses, symposiums, schools, and through these activities, for several times during the year refresh their knowledge and work in accordance with European and world pediatric doctrine. During the last year, at the mayor pediatric conferences in the country and abroad, pediatricians from the Primary Health Care Center Podgorica published 21 works, in which they have presented the daily work of this organizational unit and results they have achieved.

Working hours : first shift 07h -14h, second shift 14h-21h
Contact phone: Call center 19816

Head of the Organizational Unit
Prim. dr Vesna Strainovic -Lalovic, pediatrician specialist
Contact phone +382 20 481 965

Head nurse
Jelena Djurickovic, nurse