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Chosen doctors for adults

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General medicine team represents the first line of citizens’ contact and entry in the health care system. General medicine service promotes health and is particularly responsible for the health of individual and the community.

Primary health care of citizens in general medicine service is achieved by the chosen doctor who works in team with a nurse or technician.

Patients are provided phone scheduling of medical examinations, control and visits in order to extend therapy for chronic illnesses, consultations with chosen doctor and a nurse, home visits. This enables a faster, better and more efficient work focused on the personality, with the aim of improving the population health, developing an active approach to the individual and increasing customer satisfaction.

Working hours: first shift 07h -14h, second shift 14h-21h
Contact phone: Call center 19816

Head of the Organizational Unit
dr Maja Lalicic

Head nurse
Aga Dusevic, nurse