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Center for Mental Health

Center for Mental Health provides psychiatric , psychological , social and mental health care services and psychiatric care. It deals with the prevention, diagnosis , treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders , prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

Explanations and instructions about procedures and conditions for the realization of rights in the Center for Mental Health not consulting services, but is an obligation of all skilled workers Center.

Minimum necessary documentation:

-certified health booklet,
-a referral for specialist examination of chosen doctors (for first examination is not necessary)
-for clients who are not from Montenegro must have an appropriate form or confirmation of the right to health care during a temporary stay in Montengro country.

Center for Mental Health opened 12.02.2002, in a community health centre in Podgorica as well support the chosen doctors in the framework of primary health care.

The most common disorders, which are properly diagnose and cure, the: mood disorders and neurotic disorders, psychotic disorders, substance abuse.

The basic principle of work is multidisciplinary teamwork, focuses on individual-user. The team is composed of: the physician specialist (neuroscientist, psychiatrist), a nurse, a psychologist, a social worker.

An integral part of the Centre for mental health-run methadone program are treatment of drug addictions and Counseling Center for marriage and family.

Methadone program is the program “reducing harm” resulting from the use of drugs and carried out in cooperation with the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria (GFATM) and the UNDP Montenegro, in the framework of the implementation of the national strategy for the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Counseling Center for marriage and family – Counseling Center for marriage and family from 06.06.2014, works at the Center for mental health in Primary health care Podgorica, as a center for support.

The team counseling for marriage and the family provides users with various forms of assistance the diagnostic, therapeutic, psycho-educational advisory and type in order to protect families in different levels-therapeutic and preventive.

The composition of the team is multidisciplinary and staffed by a pediatrician, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a social worker and a nurse.


Conjugal partner therapy and focused on solving the crisis of development partners in different life cycles; problems in communication, conflict and chronic dissatisfaction with marriage, sexual incompatibility and numerous other new problems in marriage for that spouse not find solution.

Premarital counseling couples, preparing for a life together.

Divorce therapy within the conduit and conduit crisis parents and children.

Family therapy/advisory work with families who are faced with certain difficulties (problems in communication, children and parents, substance abuse, loss in the family and many other unexpected changes in the family).

Socio-therapy help with adaptation to the new circumstances: domestic violence, a problem in the behavior of children and young people, socio-economic problems, problems of adjustment in the community, issues regarding sexual orientation …

Counseling for marriage and family team members are:

Doc.dr. Nebojsa Kavaric dr sci, a pediatrician, a counselor for youth
Bojana Stanišić, head nurse
Milena Lazovic, a social worker.
Sanja Maras, psychologist/family counselor.

A team of experts assesses the justification and type of assistance to users of services counseling.

The length of treatment varies depending on the type of problem and is realized through examinations/therapeutic sessions at timed intervals.

Clients receive counseling for marriage and family schedules in advance by phone or in person. It is necessary that users have certified health booklet.

Opening hours: Every Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 14:00 and Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon hours of 19h -20h.

Address: Health facility Centar: Ivana Crnojevića bb.



Head of , , spec. psychiatrist

Head nurse,Bojana Stanišić, magistrant business psychology


 Center for Mental Health

Address: Health facility Block 5, Trg Nikole Kovacevica br.6
Working hours: every day from 07h – 21h
Phone: Call Cener 19816; Telephone line: 020 481 928