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Center for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis

Center for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis which is located in the health facility Stari aerodrom, provides specialist consultancy services-in the field of prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of acute and chronic lung diseases and tuberculosis.

Patients receive information about possible risk factors for the occurrence of diseases of the lungs, as well as tips on how to avoid them.

Implementing and educating patients on the proper and timely taking drugs and immediate control of treatment of TB.


In the Center for lung diseases and TB work:

  • dr. Branimir Todorovic, pneumophtisiologist
  • dr. Dubravka Lopicic- Mirkovic, pneumophtisiologist – Head of the Centre for lung diseases and TB
  •  7 nurses

Working hours: first shift 07h – 14h , second shift 14h to 21h

Contact phone: Call center 19816, 020 481 958

Address : Health facility Stari aerodrom